The Latest Calligraphy Products: Resonate!

Affordable, beautiful calligraphy goods! Oblique and straight marble carrot pens in gray, rose, pastel, cream, navy and mint. Tilted ink holders and ink jars in blush, and metallic pen rests!

Soft | Matte | Subtle | Functional | Beauty

A year ago we started on this journey for our new calligraphy product line. The initial exploration stages are my second favorite thing about a launch. The trials and errors, the happy accidents, the dreaming, the big ideas, the excitement, the creative problem solving. I live for this stuff. My first favorite thing? Actually launching and getting them out in the world. So here goes nothing!

Calligraphy Pens: $30

This initial launch includes 6 soft colors, but will most certainly expand on that as time goes. They come in oblique and straight. They're sturdy, un-crackable and waterproof. Come again? Yes, waterproof. Are you a busy, messy artist like I am? Perfect. You can get this pen all inky, and then scrub the whole thing under water. Dip it in Windex. You no longer have to worry about disturbing the wood! Available in the shop now!

Pen Rests: $9

This product was so fun to make. It's an incredible feeling to hold something that was completely born in your mind. I remember sketching out concepts for this pen rest, and now to see it in real life is amazing! I made these rests with subtle marbled bases and paired with metal, to add functional beauty to your desk. Just think of how this will look in pictures next to your work, on your website and Instagram feed *heart eyes* Available in the shop now!

Tilted Ink Holders: $7

I think we're most excited about these bad boys! The tilted ink holder is our top selling calligraphy accessory, for sure. And it makes sense, I use my ink holder every time I do calligraphy. It makes dipping the nib into the jar so much easier, and I don't have to keep the jar filled to the brim in order to make sure the nib is fully covered with ink. What makes these ink holders better than the other ones is that they're waterproof! Your ink can be washed right off of it, and it comes in beautiful colors to add to your desk. Included with it is a large mouthed ink jar - which means an oblique flange has no problem dipping into your ink! Available in the shop now!


What are people saying?

Watch this review by Melissa Esplin, founder of to see the whole set in action - and read her whole post here: Ash Bush Resonate Review!

"Reallyyy love the products from Ashley! I like the larger bottom portion on the oblique pen, it helps my hand not to tire as quickly. The pen rest is adorable! But my favorite goodie is the tilted dinky dip holder. I have already used it many times as it seems I never have enough ink! Thank you, Ashley for these great products!!"
- Suzanne Cunningham

"Bewitching. If I could only describe Ashley’s Calligraphy pens in a single word, that is the word I’d choose. I feel like I’m writing with a magic wand. The resonate pen is the third Ash Bush Designer Pen I’ve added to my growing collection (of both her pens and accessories!). I especially love that the resonate line is so durable and affordable. It’s ideal for beginners but equally as fun for pros. Her designs are beautiful without compromising functionality. Working with one in my hand brings me the kind of joy that only my fellow pen addicts can truly understand!"
Dawn Nicole