Ash Bush Invitations

Make a lasting first impression for your event with custom watercolor invites

For the modern, free-spirited bride who values creativity and unique artistic expression. 

Ash Bush Invitations
Ash Bush Invitations
Ash Bush Invitations
I’m still dreaming of [her] paper products, copper products, and creativity. It really helped structure the theme and feel for our wedding day that I always imagined!
— Sarah & Austin


The average invitation process is typically on a 6-8 week timeline.

Photo by:  Laura Gordon

Photo by: Laura Gordon

  1. To get everything started I'll send you a questionnaire to get a feel for specifics. From there you'll receive a detailed quote, then invoice and contract. After all the logistical stuff is handled, you'll receive 2 Google doc files - 1 to input all your invitation wording and another to start entering all your addresses.

  2. Once all your wording is finalized, I'll create 3 sketch concepts.

  3. Once a concept has been chosen I'll paint the details, create the lettering, scan it in and start the invitation design.

  4. I'll send you a shot of the invitation design for feedback.

  5. We get the design just right, and then I move on to all the other suite collateral: RSVP card, directions, additional information, return address stamp, etc.

  6. After that I make a full suite image of everything put together so you can get a feel for how it all looks as a collection, and to help decide on envelope and ink colors.

  7. At this point we've nailed down the whole look and feel of the suite, so I order the paper and envelopes. If time allows and you would like to see it, I'll have paper and envelope samples sent to you before purchasing everything.

  8. I wait for the paper and envelopes to arrive, and take the files to the printer to have one copy of the suite printed. I assemble it all, address the envelope exactly how it would be for the real deal and send it to you for approval. If the deadline is tight this in-person approval step can be skipped but only at the request of the client. It definitely saves time, but sometimes things look different on screen than they do in real life.

  9. Once that's approved we move on to printing! I have a wonderful local print shop who does amazing work, and cuts everything down to size for me so I pick it up and it's ready!

  10. Now we move on to the time consuming part - addressing envelopes. This usually takes 10 days for every 100 envelopes that need addressing.

  11. Almost done, just time to double check all the names and addresses!

  12. Everything's good! We package it up and ship it out!

Most of the time a client has also purchased day-of details as well, things like: signage, place cards, escort cards, menus, programs, guest books, etc. We can't work on those right away because the guest list hasn't been finalized, but 1 month before the wedding is when I'll loop back around to get everything else done! I always try to make sure the details are in the Bride's (or event planner's) hands at least a week before the wedding. She doesn't need anymore stress put on her plate!

Ashley is not only a wonderful calligrapher, but she also has a friendly and personable disposition. Her work was done beautifully and in such a timely manner that we were shocked! Ashley was also very accommodating. The quality of work far exceeded our expectations. Not to mention, the price was right! I highly recommend her services!
— Lauren and Dave


It is recommended to budget about $2,000 for custom stationery goods. All-inclusive invites tend to run in the $5,000 range, with the bare bones packages ranging at about $1,000 for the basics.

There is a $500 minimum on all orders and a limited amount of weddings that will be taken for each month.

Invitation suite: Starting at $700, includes 3 concept sketches and the final painting. This also encompasses time for setup, printing,  and shipping. This also includes paper costs and printing costs.
Pick 3: Invitation, RSVP card/postcard, additional info card, directions card, save the date, wedding shower invite, menu, program, thank you cards, etc (more can be added on for an extra $100 per piece.)

Outer Envelope addressing: 

  • $3/per envelope for traditional calligraphy or masking fluid reverse lettering

  • $2/per envelope for regular brush-lettering or embossed lettering

  • $1.50/per envelope for pen lettering (only available in select colors)

Calligraphy: $3

Calligraphy: $3

Reverse Lettering: $3

Reverse Lettering: $3

Brush Lettering: $2

Brush Lettering: $2

Pen Lettering: $1.50

Pen Lettering: $1.50

Return addressing on back of outer envelope: $1.50/per envelope
RSVP envelope addressing: $1.50/per envelope
Custom Return Address Stamp: (can be used in place of return address and RSVP addressing, and Thank You cards after the wedding) $50 + $.50 per envelope
Place Cards/Escort Cards: $2 each
Rush Orders: 20% up-charge (A rush order is anything that needs to be done in less than 6 weeks)

Also available upon request: Custom embossing, envelope liners, vintage postage, table numbers, menus, programs & more.

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