Nib Holders

The Latest Calligraphy Products: Resonate!

A year ago we started on this journey for our new calligraphy product line. The initial exploration stages are my second favorite thing about a launch. The trials and errors, the happy accidents, the dreaming, the big ideas, the excitement, the creative problem solving. I live for this stuff. My first favorite thing? Actually launching and getting them out in the world. So here goes nothing!

Choosing a Nib Holder

There are so many different forces working together to make for a good calligraphy experience. Your paper, ink, nib, holder, grip and experience. As a beginner it can be overwhelming to try and get everything set up so that you can just focus on your strokes and letters! Using a holder that works for you is important. What length should you be using? What grip size? Oblique? Straight? Ergonomic?