A Calligrapher's Christmas

The Holiday Wishlist for the Letter-Loving Soul on Ash Bush Blog

The ultimate holiday wishlist for the letter-loving soul! It's that time of year again! Full disclosure - my love language is gifts, so this is by far my favorite blog post of the year :) We've got affiliate links for all kinds of fun paper and calligraphy goods to get you all set up for your lettering journey. The best part is that I found most of these items on Amazon so you can do one-stop shopping, and if you've got Prime = FREE SHIPPING! This is the perfect list for those of us utilizing all those Cyber Monday deals!

Paper Goods

Ecoqua Dotted Notebook in Wine

Canson Watercolor Paper

Watercolor Sticky Notes


Lined Rhodia Pad


Nibs, Brushes, Pens

Colorful Carrot Calligraphy Pens

Hand-Painted Calligraphy Pens

Design Your Own Calligraphy Pens

Posca White Paint Marker

Pentel Water Brush

Brause Steno Nib

Paint It Yourself Calligraphy Pen

Kuretake Brush Markers Set

Blackwing Pencils

Pentel Touch Markers

Desk Accessories & Styling Props

Gold Foil

Gold Ruler

Retro-Style Brass Pen & Pencil Case


Gorilla Camera Pod


Pen Stand

Air Plants

vintage stamps

Inks & Paints

Gold Ink

White Ink

Talens Watercolor Paint Set

Watercolor Set

All-Natural Pokeberry Ink

Walnut Ink

Finetec Gold Ink Palette


Lettering Tools

Calligraphy Kit

Pen Pillow Pen Rests

Pen Rolls

Tilted Ink Holder

Envelope Drying Rack

What's on your Christmas wishlist this year?