A Calligrapher's Christmas List

A Calligrapher's Christmas List

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Especially if you're like me and show love by giving gifts! Here's a list of some supplies for the letter-lover in your life! This post contains affiliate links.

A Calligrapher's Christmas Wishlist - on Ashley Bush Blog


These are some of my favorite black, white, color, watercolor, metallic and paint inks:

Ink Storage

Use these inkwell to store and mix your paint and inks:

Pens & Nibs

My favorite brush markers and eraser, along with a complete nib starter pack and titanium nibs:


My favorite black and white paper:

Nib Holders

Order a fun custom calligraphy pen as a thoughtful gift to the calligrapher in your life, or start with a couple cheap options to try different types of holders out:

Learning Resources

Some of the best books, downloads and online classes out there to help you dive into calligraphy or further your knowledge:


There are so many fun tools to help you on your calligraphy journey! Leather blotters for a more smooth writing experience, holder holders, envelope guides, light pads, grid rulers, ink mixers, and liners:

Free Guide Download

Print out this free guide to use with a phantom liner, on your light pad or underneath your paper to help you keep a consistent slant and letter height!

What tools are on your Christmas wishlist this year?