The Latest Calligraphy Products: Resonate!

A year ago we started on this journey for our new calligraphy product line. The initial exploration stages are my second favorite thing about a launch. The trials and errors, the happy accidents, the dreaming, the big ideas, the excitement, the creative problem solving. I live for this stuff. My first favorite thing? Actually launching and getting them out in the world. So here goes nothing!

Mastering the Flat Lay

One of the important aspects of running your own creative business, is being able to showcase your work well. You build trust with potential clients when they see beautiful images of your work, and a thoughtful, consistent feed. You'll also need great images if you want your work to be featured on blogs and other accounts! This post is also for photographers too

A Calligrapher's Christmas

The ultimate holiday wishlist for the letter-loving soul! It's that time of year again! Full disclosure - my love language is gifts, so this is by far my favorite blog post of the year :) We've got affiliate links for all kinds of fun paper and calligraphy goods to get you all set up for your lettering journey. The best part is that I found most of these items on Amazon so you can do one-stop shopping, and if you've got Prime = FREE SHIPPING!

Pushing the Envelope: 4 Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Stationery

Busy season for me also means BUSIER season for newly engaged brides, which means: decisions, decisions, decisions.  Choosing a venue, date, photographer, guest list, and stationery suite can be daunting to say the least, so I wanted to offer some help where I can.  A lot of people forget that the invitation is the first thing guests will see that has anything to do with the wedding.  It sets the tone for the big day, months in advance.  So, here are some tips about choosing and designing your wedding stationery.

Working from Home: 4 Practical Tips for Improving Productivity

In last week's post, I shared 5 podcasts that have both encouraged and challenged me as a small business owner, especially one that works from home.  Now I definitely believe much more in the positive aspects of working from home than I do in the negative ones, but that doesn't mean I don't have to fiercely address the negative ones!  In fact, most of these issues can be summed up in one word: discipline

5 Podcasts Every Small Business Owner Should Listen To

A few years ago, I'd only dreamed of owning my own business, and sometimes I still can't believe that I get to be my own boss!  I love everything from having the flexibility of setting my own schedule, to being able to take intermittent walks around the block with my family, to being able to work with my sweet, sweet clients.  However, making the switch from a 9-5 to working from home has had its growing pains.  Specifically, I've needed to both learn discipline in ways I didn't know I would and how to find new, refreshing ways to grow my business all on my own!  If you're in the same boat or just looking for a productive way to kill time or multi-task, here are 5 podcasts that I've been plowing through lately that have been inspiring and refreshing!

Inspiration: The Richness of Autumn

Inspiration: The Richness of Autumn

As September comes to a close and October rolls in, everything around us becomes saturated and deep. This is my favorite time of year, it's crisp and cozy while begging us to spend all our time comfortably outside. The richness of colors, food and greenery are so natural and calming for me. Here are some some things to inspire you and your work this coming season!

Creative Spotlight: Anne Elser

Creative Spotlight: Anne Elser

Anne Elser is everything that is right with the calligraphy world. She has learned to focus on the joy to be found in it, for herself, and for others. I've been ogling her work for years. There's really nothing out there like it! What makes it so unique is that you can feel her joy through it. Sometimes we get boggled down with all the technicalities of calligraphy, and while Anne's technical prowess is obvious, it's the emotion behind her work that really makes you to stop and stare. I could, and have, quite literally stared at one of her posts for a good 20 minutes. You just feel something when you look at it! You feel admiration for her skill, adoration of her smart color and layout choices, and an overall contentedness. I truly believe she finds a happiness through her lettering, and it emits from her work in a seriously beautiful way. You can't help but love her for it!

Different Lettering Learning Experiences

Different Lettering Learning Experiences

There are so many fun ways to learn calligraphy and hand-lettering! You can attend an in-person workshop, take some online classes, go to full-day conferences or enroll in actual classes. I love learning! So I'll talk about my personal experience with the classes I've taken and mention some others that I haven't taken but would love to!